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fiber ball lens
fiber ball lens
ball lens fiber
ball lens fiber coupling

Full Ball Lensed Fiber

Full Ball Lensed Fiber is an optical fiber with a spherical lens at one end. It can focus or collimate light, depending upon the geometry of the input source. With our advanced lensed fiber technology, we can now provide long-working distance full ball lensed fibers with high coupling performance.

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Feature of Full Ball Lensed Fiber

  • Enhanced Signal Quality: The lensed fiber helps maintain signal integrity by minimizing signal degradation

  • Competitive pricing: Our production technology allow us provide high performance ball lens with low price

  • Versatile Applications: Ball Lensed Fibers can be used in endoscopes and other medical applications

Drawing of Full Ball Lensed Fiber

Application of Full Ball Lensed Fiber

  • Multi Mode Laser Coupling

  • Beam Collimator

  • Bio-Medical & Sensors

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