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Unveiling the Advantages of Conical Lensed Fiber

Conical lensed fiber, as an optical sensor, plays a pivotal role in biomedical and optical sensing fields with its unique conical structure and excellent performance characteristics. This article will briefly introduce the advantages of conical lensed fiber.

Introduction of Conical Lensed Fiber

Conical lensed fiber is an optical sensor with a tiny cone at one end and a traditional optical fiber at the other end, with the diameter of the cone gradually shrinking from microns to tens of nanometers. Conical lensed fiber has a conical structure at its core, which converts the sensing response of the light passing through the conical structure into an electrical signal for processing. Due to its tiny size and high sensitivity, conical lensed fiber is widely used in biomedical, optical sensing and photonics applications.

Advantages of Conical Lensed Fiber

High Sensitivity

The conical lensed fiber has high sensitivity and can detect changes in tiny substances. It can be used as a biosensor to detect biological molecules such as microorganisms, proteins and DNA. Its high sensitivity can also be used in areas such as the study of physical and optical properties of materials and the modulation of optical signals.

Small Size

The small size of conical lensed fiber allows it to be easily integrated into miniaturized systems, while also providing better detection. This is useful for applications that require detection in a small space, such as drug delivery and optical signal modulation.

High Optical Quality

The preparation process for conical lensed fiber has been improved over the years and now allows for high quality conical morphology and optical properties. This allows conical lensed fiber to have a relatively high quality of light transmission, which is a unique advantage for applications such as optical sensors.

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