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Functions and Applications of Different Types of Lensed Fiber

The role of lensed fiber is to act as a light path change or mode conversion in an optical fiber or optical system. There are different requirements for lensed fibers in different applications. This article mainly focuses on different types of lensed fiber, respectively, to introduce their functions and applications.

Beveled lensed fiber

Beveled lensed fiber is mainly divided into two categories. One type has a bevel angle of 6°~10°, which is used to prevent the light reflected from the surface of the fiber from causing interference or damage when returning. Another type of bevel angle of 40 ° ~ 50 ° or even greater, can make more light into the fiber, mainly used in fiber laser, fiber optic communications, fiber optic sensing and other fields.

Wedge Lensed Fiber

Most of the wedge-shaped lensed fibers are combined for optical coupling. Common combinations of lensed fibers include microcolumnar lensed fibers made with a wedge-shaped lensed fiber front end, tetragonal lensed fibers, and oblique wedge-shaped lensed fibers. We collectively refer to them as wedge lensws fibers.

Spherical Lensed Fiber

Spherical lensed fibers are used in optical coupling, biology, medicine, sensing and many other fields. For example, a beveled lens on a spherical lensed fiber can be used for OCT, a diagnostic imaging technology that has developed rapidly in recent years.

Conical Lensed Fiber

Conical lensed fiber expands the numerical aperture of the fiber and increases the light receiving capacity, so it is very suitable for coupling with SLD lasers or VCSELs, etc. that have a circular or nearly circular cross-section of the output light east. High-precision conical lensed fibers are also used for medical laser microsurgery systems.

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