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PHOTONSTREAM Optical Lensed Fiber
Photonstream provides high quality lensed fibers, AR coated fibers and fiber coupled diode lasers which widely used in telecom,industrial laser and biological testing.

Photonstream was founded in 2012 by a group of experienced of engineers. We are focus in optical fiber micro processing and dielectric thin film coating. We are manufacturing optics fiber for diode laser company world wide.

As a certified manufacturer and development partner, more than 2 million AR coated fiber tail have been ship to our customer and assembly to the high power laser module, very low RMA return rate demonstrated the excellent quality control. The Photonstream developed product has been pass industrial and telecom standard reliability test, and some part was implicated in space program, we are growing up with our customer and happy to provide support to them from R&D phase. We have abundant skilled people, professional engineer, specialized equipment and cleanroom for our long term cooperation.


10+ years experience of high power laser

Unique Technology

Unique technology for optical fiber AR coating

Automation Design

In-house automation design for micro lensed fiber processing


Millions of product shipment

Custom Design

Accept custom design and OEM

Applications Multi-use of PHOTONSTREAM Optical Lensed Fiber
The Photonstream produce of AR coated optical fiber patch cord, lensed fiber tail and the diode laser product were widespread used in telecom, datacenter, silicon photonic, industrial material processing and biological examination.