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PM Wedge Lensed Fiber

PM Wedge Lensed Fiber is an optical fiber with a wedge-shaped lens at one end, enabling efficient coupling of light and precise control over polarization. The lensed fiber is commonly used in applications requiring polarization maintenance, such as fiber optic sensors and telecommunications systems.

PM Wedge Lensed Fiber Types

Features of  PM Wedge Lensed Fiber

  • Polarization Maintenance: It maintains the polarization state of light, ensuring consistent and reliable signal transmission.

  • Lensed Design: The fiber is equipped with a lens at the tip, which focuses and collimates the light, improving coupling efficiency and reducing signal loss.

  • High Power Handling: It can handle high optical power levels without significant degradation, making it suitable for applications that require high-power transmission.

Benefits of Using PM Wedge Lensed Fiber

PM Wedge Lensed Fiber offers several benefits. It provides high coupling efficiency, ensuring optimal light transmission and reducing power loss. The lensed design allows for precise light manipulation, enhancing the performance of optical systems. It maintains the polarization of light, crucial for applications requiring polarization-sensitive operations. This fiber type also enables better control over beam shape and direction, improving system accuracy. Furthermore, it can withstand high power levels, making it suitable for high-power applications. Lastly, it offers compatibility with various light sources, adding to its versatility.

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