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Conical Lensed Fiber

Conical lensed fiber is an optical fiber with a tapered end that acts as a lens, focusing or collimating light. It enables efficient coupling between fibers and devices, improving optical performance in various lensed fiber array applications.

Conical Lensed Fiber Types

Features of Conical Lensed Fiber

The conical lensed fiber offers outstanding coupling efficiency for a variety of laser devices. It features a taper angle that ranges from 55° to 120°, providing flexibility for different applications. Various metallization options are available to suit specific requirements. Additionally, it comes with a high damage threshold AR coating, enhancing its durability and performance.

What is Conical Lensed Fiber

A conical lensed fiber is a type of optical fiber that has a cone-shaped lens at one end. This lens is used to focus or diverge the light passing through the fiber, enhancing the fiber’s ability to couple light into or out of other optical devices or systems. It’s commonly used in applications such as optical coherence tomography, photodynamic therapy, high power laser research, optical network monitoring, and quantum technologies.

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