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Custom Lensed Fiber

OEM Capabilities

In the past 10 years, Photonsream has spent a lot of time to invested capital equipment to manufacture a number of optical fiber products, these in-house manufacturing capabilities, as well as the good relationship with the raw material supplier also give us support to develop OEM solutions. We accept OEM manufacturing requests, we can handle numerous processes from trials to mass production of various optics fiber precision.

OEM Capabilities

OME Process

  • 01

    Contacting Photonsream by phone or email to get in touch with one of our OEM Sales Engineers, who will discuss with your project's goals and scope.

  • 02

    PHOTONSTREAM's Sales Engineer will connect you with a Project Manager knowledgeable in your field to draft specifications and draft manufacturing prints.

  • 03

    Photonsream will build prototype and send to customer site for verify, Technical engineers from both sites will communicate based on the test results, the specifications will be finalized after all the improvement action is closed.

  • 04

    After all the engineering evaluation is closed, the quotation for mass product OME will be provided by Photonsream Sales Engineers. After the agreement was signed by both company, the readiness of mass product manufacturing like material, equipment and operation training will be carried out.

  • 05

    Photonsream Sales Coordinator will work with you to create stocking agreements and finalize the shipping plan after the production line is ready for build.

OEM Advantages

We cooperate with some well-known raw material suppliers to ensure the quality of raw materials,with a complete production system and great after-sales service, and we guarantee to provide you with reasonable prices and high-quality products according to your requirement. After 11 years of development, we have won a good reputation in the industry. Please tell us what you need and we will make it happen.

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