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Ball Lensed Fiber

Ball lensed fiber is an optical fiber with a spherical lens at one end. Ball lens fiber coupling improves light coupling, focusing, and beam shaping in fiber optic systems. The lensed fiber array is used in communication, sensing, and imaging applications for enhanced performance and signal quality.

Ball Lensed Fiber Types

Features of Ball Lense Fiber

  • Efficient Light Coupling: The spherical lens facilitates efficient coupling of light into the fiber.

  • Beam Shaping: The lens shape can shape the output beam, providing customized beam characteristics for specific applications.

  • Versatility: It finds applications in telecommunications, fiber sensing, biomedical imaging, and laser delivery.

What Are the Applications of Ball Lensed Fiber?

Ball Lensed Fiber is widely used in various fields due to its ability to focus or diverge light with high precision. In optical communication, it enhances signal transmission by improving coupling efficiency. In fiber lasers, it helps in beam shaping and direction control. It’s also used in optical sensors for precise light detection. In medical devices, it’s used for targeted light delivery in treatments like photodynamic therapy. Additionally, it finds applications in spectroscopy, optical coherence tomography, and quantum technologies, where precise light manipulation is crucial.

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