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Do you offer AR coating bare fiber?

Yes, AR coated fiber pigtail as well. Please send your requirements, like fiber type, bare fiber length, etc.

Could you customize my design?

Yes, please send the customized drawing, and we could sign the NDA for customized design.

How about the lead time?

Normally, after order, 2-4 weeks, main depending on the material and quantity.

What kind of package do you have for the fiber?

Our company customize the package with patent, could protect AR coated fiber tail & AR coating bare fiber well.

Do you accept sample order of this optic fiber patch cord with SMA905 connector?

Yes, for every new project, we accept sample order. Not just fiber patch cord with SMA905, but also bare fiber or fiber pigtail or lensed fiber.

Is there any different in price for sample order and bulk order?

Of course, our price is valid for order only. Every new order, we should confirm price again.