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Optical Lensed Fiber Applications

Optical lensed fibers are used in various applications such as optical communication, medical imaging, laser processing, optical sensing, and optical interconnects. They are also used in fiber lasers, optical switches, and optical amplifiers.

  • Lensed Fiber in Industrial Vision

    Industrial Vision

    Photonstream is committed to providing high quality lensed fibers, optical coated fibers, optical fiber patch cords and diode lasers, our products are widely used in telecommunications, medical, industrial, and research fields.
  • Lensed Fiber in Laser Material Processing

    Laser Material Processing

    Lasers offer precise control, high energy density, and non-contact processing capabilities, making them versatile tools for material processing in industries across the board.
  • Lensed Fiber in Microscopy


    The use of fiber optics in microscopy enhances imaging capabilities, improves illumination, enables new imaging techniques, and facilitates non-invasive imaging in various fields of research and medicine.
  • Lensed Fiber in Spectroscopy


    Fiber optics plays a crucial role in spectroscopy, enabling efficient light transmission, remote measurements, and versatile experimental setups. Here are some key applications of fiber in spectroscopy.
  • Lensed Fiber in Photodynamic Therapy

    Photodynamic Therapy

    Our laser products provide the precise and controlled light source required for the activation of photosensitizing drugs in photodynamic therapy.
  • Lensed Fiber in Optical Coherence Tomography

    Optical Coherence Tomography

    Optical coherence tomography (OCT) is a non-invasive imaging technique used in medical and ophthalmic fields. Our fiber optics is used to deliver and collect light in OCT systems, providing high-resolution cross-sectional imaging of tissues.
  • Lensed Fiber in High Power Laser Research

    High Power Laser Research

    High power lasers are essential tools in scientific research, enabling the exploration of extreme conditions, particle acceleration, fusion energy research, and various applications in materials science, spectroscopy, and defense.
  • Lensed Fiber in Optical Network Monitoring

    Optical Network Monitoring

    By leveraging fiber-optic cables, operators can monitor power levels, perform OTDR tests, analyze the optical spectrum, measure chromatic dispersion, detect faults, and monitor performance parameters.
  • Lensed Fiber in Quantum Technologies

    Quantum Technologies

    Lensed fibers are essential tools in quantum technologies, enabling efficient and precise control of quantum signals in various applications.