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fiber ball lens
fiber ball lens
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Half Ball Lensed Fiber

Photonstream offers fiber with half-ball lenses, which are obtained simply by cutting ball lenses in half. Half-ball lensed fibers are used particularly as beam collimators for optical fibers and for fiber-to-fiber coupling. These lenses are available in various diameter options.

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Feature of Half Ball Lensed Fiber

  • Enhanced Signal Quality: Maintain signal integrity by minimizing signal degradation

  • Versatile Applications: Used in endoscopes and other medical applications

  • Various diameters option: Haft-ball lenses can be melt in various diameters

Drawing of Half Ball Lensed Fiber

Application of Half Ball Lensed Fiber

  • Laser Diode Coupling

  • Fiber Optic Sensors

  • Medical Imaging

  • Laser Beam Shaping

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