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Fiber Coupled Laser Diode

Coupling the output of a laser diode into an optical fiber makes delivering light easier, Photonstream offers one of the widest wavelength selections of Fiber Coupled Laser Diodes. Our fiber coupled Diode Laser products include  single mode fiber coupled laser diodes, multimode single emitter and multi-emitter fiber coupled modules.

Fiber Coupled Laser Diode Types

Advantages of Fiber Coupled Laser Diode

Fiber-coupled diode lasers also have several other advantages:

  • The light exiting the fiber has a circular and uniform intensity profile.

  • singlemode versus multimode.

  • It allows the laser diodes and heatsink to be located remotely from where the laser light is used.

  • Defective fiber-coupled diode lasers can easily be replaced without changing the alignment of the device where the light is used.

  • Fiber-coupled devices can be easily combined with other fiber-optic components.

FAQ of Fiber Coupled Laser Diode


What is fiber coupled laser diode?


Fiber-coupled laser diodes are a type of laser system. In a fiber-coupled laser diode, the laser diode’s output is coupled into a fiber optic cable. This is achieved by placing the fiber end very close to the laser diode or by using lenses to focus the laser light into the fiber.


What is the difference between diode laser and fiber laser?


The diode laser is a semiconduct resonant cavity, the fiber coupled diode laser is using an optical fiber alignment to diode emitter for light delivery.

The fiber laser is a all fiber system which inluding of pump laser, active fiber and fiber brag grating to compose of a laser resonant cavity, the ouput laser come from the fiber resonant cavity.

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