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Dicronic Optical Coated Fiber

Dichroic Optical Coated Fiber is an optical fiber with a specialized coating that selectively reflects or transmits specific wavelengths. It enables efficient wavelength separation and manipulation, making it suitable for applications such as optical filters, multiplexers, and wavelength division multiplexing systems.

Dicronic Optical Coated Fiber Types

Features of Dicronic Optical Coated Fiber

  • Wavelength selectivity: Dicronic optical coating allows for precise control of specific wavelengths.

  • Wide wavelength range: Dicronic optical coated fibers are available for various wavelength ranges, allowing for versatile applications in different industries 

  • Customizable options: The coating can be tailored to specific wavelength ranges and requirements.

What is Dicronic Optical Coated Fiber

A Dichroic Optical Coated Fiber is a type of optical fiber that has a dichroic coating applied to it. This coating is designed to reflect light at certain wavelengths while transmitting light at other wavelengths. This unique property makes it useful in various applications, such as telecommunications, laser systems, and spectroscopy. For instance, in laser systems, it can be used to separate different laser lines. In telecommunications, it can be used for wavelength division multiplexing, allowing multiple signals to be transmitted simultaneously over a single fiber.

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