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FC Optical Fiber Patch Cord

The FC Optical Fiber Patch Cord is a high-performance fiber optic cable with FC connectors on both ends  or on one end. It provides reliable and efficient transmission of optical signals in various applications.

FC Optical Fiber Patch Cord Types

Features of FC Optical Fiber Patch Cord

  • High Quality: It is constructed with premium-grade materials to ensure durability and long-lasting performance.

  • Excellent Return Loss: It provides excellent return loss, reducing signal reflections and optimizing signal transmission.

  • Reliable Signal Transmission: It ensures reliable and stable signal transmission, minimizing data loss and maximizing network efficiency.

Benefits of FC Optical Fiber Patch Cord

The FC Optical Fiber Patch Cord offers several benefits. Firstly, it provides high precision alignment due to its threaded coupling design, ensuring stable and reliable connections. Secondly, it offers low insertion loss and high return loss, enhancing signal quality. Thirdly, it’s durable and resistant to vibration, making it suitable for harsh environments. Fourthly, it’s widely used in single-mode applications, providing high-speed data transmission. Lastly, it’s compatible with both active and passive optical devices, making it versatile for various applications in telecommunications, data centers, and research facilities.

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