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The Effect of Coating on Improving Coating Optical Fiber Performance

Coating is an important part of fiber optic transmission. It is a layer of film evenly coated around the core of the optical fiber. Its main role is to protect the core of the optical fiber from external damage, and to improve the transmission performance and stability of the optical fiber. Coating optical fiber has many advantages over ordinary optical fiber.

More Stable

The core of optical fiber is the transmission medium of optical signals, if the core of optical fiber is subject to physical damage, such as scratches, bending, etc. will lead to attenuation of optical signals and the decline of transmission quality. Coating optical fiber protects the core from external damage, making the coated optical fiber stable for transmitting signals.

Better Transmission Performance

Coating optical fiber can reduce the contact between the surface of the fiber and the surrounding environment, avoiding the refraction loss between the fiber and the air or other media. In addition, the material of the optical fiber coating layer has a lower refractive index, which makes the transmission of optical signals inside the fiber more efficient. In this way, the transmission performance and transmission distance of coated optical fiber can be substantially improved.

More Accurate Information Transmission

Chromatic dispersion is a signal distortion phenomenon when optical signals are transmitted in optical fibers. Chromatic dispersion seriously affects the transmission quality of optical signals. The presence of optical fiber coating layer can effectively inhibit the dispersion effect of optical fiber, so coating optical fiber can transmit signals more accurately.

Better Mechanical Properties

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